You are alive

  You are someone I confused for a soulmate. When all you ever was… just a bunch of life lessons.   You know who I am. You looked me in my eyes. And lied straight to my face. That school game has not been the same since I left it. Better know I know my … More You are alive

Biological sister

Thank God Thank God I have a lot of biological sisters but not all of them are my sisters. Thank God. Who can be proud over a cannibal sister? A hard task I’m not up to. The only thing we have in common is my name.     Terrorist Biological mother   I really thought my mother was … More Biological sister

Biological mother

Biological mother Guess what. Today I realized who my biological mother is. Zazia, hey girl! Long time no sees. Oh, it must be my fault. I forget about you in Russia.   Thank you! Now I get why you have been checking me out, my whole life. Yes, your retarded son has my nose. And … More Biological mother