Ok, let’s start with something cheesy. I like cheese and chocolate. Food, I like food and it has to be vegan, gluten and lactose free. It’s not easy to be me, no. Now that the big elephant in my life is exposed, we can talk about me. Let’s follow Maslows heirarchy steps, I guess.
I see myself as a hybrid that got the best of both worlds. Born in Sweden with a good stock from Tunisia. Amina Hanchi is my name. Amina means trustworthy in Arabic. After me came nine more children. I love them all, kinda. Nevertheless… back to me. A woman of 26 winters, I don’t look so but yah.

Hiphop is my niche. I take it seriously and have therefore dropped out off university after two years of studying to become Preschool-teacher, to instead pursue my dreams. I do all kind of things in that world. From rapping to DJ:ing. White Amina is my alias, she stands for the rapping, which will be launched in a few months. White Amina raps about everyday situations that stick out in her life and about society in general. Her view on stuff. But also stuff that she has actually been through. Sometimes flumish filosofish, sometimes hella bold. And yes, I have strong opinions. Caution is kinda required. Oh, and I like to code-swop into different languages. Language is so clever, isn’t it.

I love to sing. Since I was four years I sang “bä bä vita lamm” in Opera voice. And with time I have added colors and flipp turns and other fun stuff. Theory music is not my strong side. Ok, to be honest… I don’t have that side. Self taught with a sharp musical ear. Some tell me I should become a producer. Hmm, I respect that craft too much to touch. One day thou, I will learn that too. So long, you can enjoy my  vocal colors and “back-flipps”! 😀signering
Love You!