Iman, remember the times? Huh, remember 7th grade? I do. We didn’t have much in common though. I mean we never hang out or talked outside of school much. Apart from some very special occasions.


Benmakhlouf. Nah, you still are 3aila motakhalifa mondho 3asr el wa9t. Da2iman 5alfi. If I and you have anything in common it’s that we have an, äcklig släkt. (Jag vette fan varför du är stolt. Aja.) I guess you have to be proud of something.

How come you changed your surname to Andaloussi. Too many idiots out there changing their last names. Thanks in advance, I need the chain reaction.


My brother

I heard you are thinking about my brother! 

Did you know that I too have a half brother? He is half Swedish as well. That guy grew up to be a real man compared to both of your brothers together. Nothing was ever handed to him. He fought his whole life. And still, he has some soul in him.

Yea, he is handsome, half Swedish like your brothers. He is even a bit fat, just like your brothers. But here is how he differs from your coward brothers.

He transformed with pressure. He was hands on with effort. Since he was a kid, he always got back up after every failure he encountered. The scars on his body prove that. A real hustler.

But why am I telling this, to you? Cuz’, you are actually nobody to me.

It’s so you can tell you near and dear ones, especially your dad. Mr. Lucifer. That nobody puts my brother in “jail” and gets away with it. Your dad and brother’s had no business putting their hands on my brother. Who the fuck is your dad now? Huh… my little bitch. I need to hear you barking now. I need you to make some noise. I need you to make a fight. 

Before you think of going after him or anybody in my family, understand who the fuck I am.

Your brothers have fucked up way too many times. That Alby crime life – yeeeah your family is all about that life baby girl. And if YOU got fucked by my brother – it’s because you wanted to. Unlike me, I was drugged and had no choice. You, however, took pride in this. So be it.

Little boys and girls, keep your hands off my older brother. Ey, even your brains cells better not spark for my brother. He has a sister that will fuck you up. And you don’t have brain enough to handle me.

I repeat – I will fuck you up. 🙂

Regardless I have so many other reasons to fuck you up for anyway. I will not keep quite of course. I will tell you all of them. But one false move and I got you. So meanwhile, run your mouth in peace. Do what you are best at, instead.



Remember the very innocent letter you bicycled all the way from Alby to Fittja to hand me? Oh, so sweet.

Remember when your brother tore my vagina up? Remember when your brother had the nerve to blame me for his sadistic ways? Remember when I gave your apartment water damage? Hehe, fun times! My biological mother used to do that quite a lot. So if you like blaming you can blame my upbringing. xD

You see, a bathtub full of blood didn’t make your stupid brother understand that he had taken this shit too far. His problem solving is pretty average. Take a life, dissect a body, nail the coffin, put it in Alby forest – a crime never happened.

But I am a bad bitch? For running away in the forest, for almost jumping out of your window. For trapping your brother. Too many blessing I can’t count right now. But you can always remind me why you hate me so much. I don’t mind – I actually love it.

Uh, that pussy guud. Your brother couldn’t stop coming just to cum. Looking for sweet love but I am no good at pretending.

Baby girl, you don’t need to cry. Your daddy still loves you and your mother even if he puts his dick in my vagina. See, the thing is… your dad has no soul. Whatever you get from a piece of shit like that is pretty much love. Like him keeping you alive.

See, your dad and my dad is not that different after all.


More letters from me soon! ❤



Did you know that my first name was Meriam?! Märiam. But we are not talking about me, we are talking about Märiem that was in our class. The fly girl. She used to be anyway. Btw, that entire school and the principles… no good rep.

Anyway, Märiem told me that no guy would ever like me. Or even look at me. Silly me, I believed her. Did her dad tell her that? Because he doesn’t like me nor my mother for some reasons unknown. But now I think I know why. I wasn’t a fan of his itchy dick.

God damn, why am I telling you this now again? You see, you people like to run your mouth and trash talk. So here are a lot of stuff you can spread around. Like a paradise river, I come with the goods and make it rain dollars on you hoes. I make you unite again.

No need to play it cool. I know you heard this before I wrote it. I just have to make my subliminal message across these days. That I don’t like you hoes.

Your dad and her dad being school principles – so much in common for you boo. I don’t know what’s up with us Tunisians. We act like we own the world. Don’t we? Too bad for you Moroccans. We got that sophisticated swag. But my dad is not sophisticated, that’s why he is like your dad. See, if only you could read people you wouldn’t be the underhand.

At least, that’s what I used to blame it on. Because I wanted us to be best friends. But I figured you out. 😉

Haha, you think my dad raised me. Sure. I guess that makes you someone who choose your daddy’s rep as your own. Da fuck is your brain at?

(Märiem: minns du när du sa att det finns saker vi aldrig kommer minnas eller veta om oss själva?! Du va deprimerad och jag trösta dig. Jag mindes inget då, att du och din fars med mig i hotell rummet. Eller hela London resan. Men jag minns nu. o.O )




There are so many things I just know you remember. Because I don’t remember having a fight with you ever over anything. But still, you disliked me over nothing. When you broke my tail bone, I wasn’t supposed to be mad about it.

I should have understood right there that you are a rotten soul to the core and not the innocent little kid I thought you were. That there was nothing wrong with me. I wasn’t overdramatic about it. I had to rationalize my anger and keep it inside. Pulling out chairs could happen to anyone, right? But that wasn’t a mistake. You need to know that I know.

Did your brothers let it heal though? No! You are a bunch of heartbreakers. Baaam! – imaginary badge for you! Explain to me again how that makes you great people, would you?

If you have no soul, don’t touch my heart. It’s precious! Poor taily was broken for a year :/

Damn! I was weeks in your house and when I got back to school Fatima was the only one hugging me and saying – “I thought I’d never see you again!”. And I was totally oblivious, like why wouldn’t you see me again? What’s going on? Why is everyone so different. How the fuck did I miss a whole FUCKING MONTH from school!!

You revenge your brothers your way. Know I am the same way. Way better thou, I can’t lie.



Social workers

Oh, you want someone to work for you for free? The government got you covered.

You don’t want them, social workers, checking your little innocent daughter’s vagina. All though they will. I like to put special people on pedestals like that. And now you know which angel sent them to her. You are welcome.


If you have similar concerns about my family, please do the same thing. Call the social workers for help. And help me and other people fighting against cultural criminals like you. Help us defend ourselves against you. Please stand up for matters of integrity and help me in this conquest. You can donate/swish to – 070 31tch n0! Stop the madness already! It’s free.



Sure we all have our challenges. I saw your comment on my Instagram and had to delete the comment. Because I can’t relate to your victim mentality. My tailbone didn’t get that much attention.

No one forces you to stay and see other peoples “troubles”. I love myself, I can’t see how setting goals and achieving them makes you throw shade and pity. You can always leave and stop trash talking.


Challenges are fun, not a burden. I guess your tongue just can’t check itself so I had to help you out and delete that comment for you. Hmm… I’d say your biggest challenge in life right now is to unfollow me on Instagram.

I want nothing to do with trash quality people like you. Thank you very much! But what don’t you do for 5 seconds of a spotlight? It doesn’t make you shine more throwing shade. Time to learn.

Talk smack, and watch me turn around and smack your ass! Not just you and your brothers. Your brothers’ wives and everyone I associate to your Moroccan squad. Even Märiem made it. Look at that.


Holla if you hear me!


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