The Power of Stories – Tunisia vs. Sweden

The power of stories


How powerful aren’t stories? All kinds of stories. From fairytales about Lala, Tralla, and Fralla to living religions. Facts and fictions we see nowadays without even opening a book are stories as well. What effect could they possibly have on us humans? They have existed for as long as the human came about to exist.

Sooo… What do you people think about stories that alienate? Is it worth the hate? Is there really a meaning with alienating anyone from anything? What use does it serve a father to alienate a little girl from the country she was born and raised in.

I’m talking about the fact that my father is alienating my sister from Sweden. Telling her all these stories about how Sweden is a bad country. His promised land is Tunisia… (well your plane is about to be wrecked for good anyway). But I need to say this so my other siblings know what is going on.

Yup, he has been telling Lilo how much better Tunisia is.

Why doesn’t he tell her about all the beautiful things Sweden give to its people. Why is he a shitty taker and so ungrateful?




OK, so let me tell you some of the beautiful things about Sweden then. It has clean water that washed your crimes away. Its school system is free and one of the best in the whole wide world and this whole galaxy, ya 7mar! It has greenery, it has a beautiful nature that you have soaked in blood. It’s a well-developed country for well-developed minds. Since you came to Sweden it’s weather has not been right, yeah I blame you for that. All this rain, a sign from God but you don’t get it. You think you are special so God should speak to you like Moses. Bitch, sit down. Blueberry pie, semlor, mashed potato and vegan balls bigger than you balls will ever be. Vikings gave us Ali. Sweden is the biggest dick country and it will fuck up your life very soon. Pippi long stocking and feminism. Basically Astrid Lindgren’s stories, way better than your religious crime stories.

Swedish prisons… The only paradise you will ever enter in this life and the next. 😉

Infrastructure and all the free wifi… are you taking my siblings to isolate them of what this country have worked hard for and have granted them? Free health care for children and cheap for grown-ups. Freedom of speech, allmänsrätten, a trouble free life for serious people… why are you seeking trouble?


Ungrateful dad

Well, you should go to Tunisia by yourself, oh boy is their trouble waiting for you over there. Oh, you just wanted the best of both worlds. Don’t worry, I’m making sure you are getting it. My fault is that I’m too nice, too much of a people pleaser.

Let me tell you the real reason why you are so ungrateful to Sweden. That once saved your ass from getting raped in Tunisian prisons because they caught you raping children there. You are BORDE. You have done all your shenanigans in Sweden and are looking for a new thrill in a place where you can find like-minded people as you easier. Nahda? I sure do know your truth… pretend you are a political refugee some more while you still have a story you can lie about. Your truth will be written down in history. You are losing grip when you think that Tunisia will be your new Paradise. Don’t forget, hell is empty and all the devils are here. 😉

You are a sociopath looking for a new ground for your creative crimes. Where you can kill people without being accountable.


My siblings

To my siblings; both Sweden and Tunisia are smart countries that care about your well-being the most. Sweden is your country and it loves you. It’s not fighting you in any way. All countries have challenges, not problems. They only become problems if you don’t challenge the society and express yourself! Don’t let anyone ever think for you. Sweden is teaching you to think for yourself.

Walk on your own feet

Shame on you for believing that I would ever carry you on my shoulders… You have two feet for a reason. Remember when you cut Fatima’s legs off? Hmm? Well, you better remember.

Why are you running away from Sweden anyway? Bitch! Is Sweden running after you?

Smart people don’t run, they let you come to them.

Dad, you will be famous soon. this dream you have worked hard for. This dream you have always sold us as kids. And sold us for. It’s really time we give back what you worked really hard for. Just to let us survive. It’s time we give you some of your hard work back. Take you to scandal-Mecca on my shoulders and give you Zamzamli through my legs. No bitch, not between them. Through them, because we will be running to all y’all’s final destination until we bleed.

Tonåringar, vill ni ha beef? Finns på Instagram! By now Ali must have shown you my Instagram. Hope you people had a great meeting. You can look but don’t touch bitch! Juma Mubarak! 😀


Thank you for reading through!

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