Gun control – Thomas/Ali

Gun control


What do you do when you live in a place where your life is not important. You see your friends die in front of you, you know who did it but no one believes you. They want you to say it was you. Should you get your gun or hide?

Ali did both. People are aggressive and defensive in this “profession” and don’t blink twice when it comes to a child’s life. Our mom had children stolen from an orphanage and killed them one by one. Ali himself was close to such an incident but got out of it with a broken collarbone and arm.

People just wanna act up to show who is in control. No fair game what so ever. Our mom used to hit him with pots and pans from the kitchen. He had stitches in his head from several injuries. They let his hair grow out so his scar would be covered.




Thomas/Ali 2001 Skärholmen

Ten years later! They took Ali and me to court for adultery. They actually stole him from the orphanage. he had his bags with him. They told him they were going on a trip. And when I say they I mean my dad. And his stupid Tunisian, Nahda friends. They stole him to finish him. They did not trust that he would keep his mouth shut.

I was 10 years (real age 12). I had forgotten the whole incident. I had forgotten whom my biological mom was. I had forgotten that Ali (Thomas) was my brother. We had sex with each other when we were kids! That’s how long my biological mother’s grudge held on.

Something in my heart told me he is the one. He is the little boy I loved when I was a kid. He was doing something else and when I came, he looked up as if he saw something he had missed for a long time. He was excited to start this new chapter in his life.

Ali tried to get close to me. This year I had worn the hijab and was a bit modest. But I had also given me ears away to them and listened to what they had to say. It was nothing nice. He had cheated on his mom. She didn’t’ want him no more because of all the pain he had caused her when he was a kid.

(I was not aware that I was her daughter as well, and that she had abandoned me too.)

He was not as well dressed as them. He was still the cursed child. Out mother’s daughter later finished her joke with exposing with whom this kid had had adultery with. Me! He snapped at me without meaning to. I got scared and told him I would call the grown-ups if he didn’t stay away. So he did.

For some reason, they had a family reunion but with other families that had nothing to do with us. Actually, they had invited themselves. Our mother was really good at complaining and every one of them was there to witness some drama. Their kids were mugging me and Ali. We were talking and “flirting” and that’s haram. We were just sitting on a bench.

Ali just looked at these kids like, ‘they are about to turn me into the old me’. He was so mature and considerate but didn’t trust these fuckers one bit.

This day is the same day my biological mom’s daughter told her lame jokes about her mother’s son that refused to die. She had hanged him twice and not succeed. She had injured his head in so many ways. She had put him on a train and tried to get rid of him, but he came back. Like what are the odds that a 6-year-old would survive all this abuse. 10 years later, they brought him to kill him in front of me!

He had loved me that long. As if he had not missed a heartbeat. Ali, with the bad memory, remembered me. I, on the other hand, had forgotten about him and all this trauma from when I was a toddler.


Curing Ali from being Gay

I was drinking my drink, hoping he would feel left out. Like I don’t hang out with bums. And he looked at me like I know what you are doing and I don’t care about your drink. I was such an asshole. He was not the jealous type but depended on himself.

Yes, he looked around a bit worried. He was careful who he kicks it with. Ignored people that just trash talked. Let people do what they had to do. Unless they crossed us in some manner. These people had been a trouble his whole life. It was cold and rainy outside. But we were outside anyway.

This rape sect still had the old Ali in mind. They were a bit surprised that he hadn’t turned out to be gay. But just in case, they tried to read Quran over him a treat him. The showed some fake concern for him. Isn’t that confusing? There is nothing wrong with being gay right. But when people have been hating on you, your whole life all of a sudden say they care for you.

Ali was focused, disciplined and ready. He had forgiven people that had hurt him so much. But did not trust them one bit.


Moon night

They wanted to play it “fair” and gave him a gun and he was now supposed to either shot or get shoot. Ali had long ago left this life of crime hood. He was clean and had nice clothes on him. He was looking around as if things were not as they should be.

All the grown ups were crazy and acting like hooligans in the parking lot. My dad brought Ali/Thomas there and then acted as if he was on his side for a minute. He never was. My dad emptied Ali’s gun. This was planned. They would have finished him some way or another.

All of sudden everyone was called outside to the parking lot. I didn’t want to go outside because I had a bad feeling. I guess they had given him alcohol, as they usual do when they are setting him up for failure, that night before. They prayed together. Ali prayed with us even when he didn’t know how to. Our biological mother’s kids were making fun of him. He prayed because I was there.

Gosh, I missed this guy even when I didn’t know or remember him. We have had som much history and it’s funny how a mind can get so attached to a beautiful soul and big heart. Yea, I’m proud of him. This guy was the only guy that understood true love.

They talked to him about an afterlife. A promising paradise with no more suffering. All this depended on the winner of this gambling game the grown-ups had set up. (I find it disturbing saying grown-ups, Ali was a youngster and I need you to see the difference. That’s all.)



Hodaifa (KC’ brother) is the kid’s name that shot my brother. He sure has picked up the family business. This kid, later on, got a head injury tricked by my dad.

(As usual, they were having a gambling battle in the underground mosque in Stockholm City. My dad asked the kids to run into a brick wall with their heads first! The one with the strongest head would win something. It was played and giggle until Hodifa’s dad put my sister’s life on the table and wanted to take her home. Basically exchange of children. So my dad danged this kid head into the wall and made it seem like an accident.

This time they would run as fast as possible from a distance and Hodaifa had to start first. bang, he lost his stupid brain. The thing he has left is of no use since he picked up this rape business as well.)

He was such a winner when he shot my brother. Everyone was celebrating him and his cockiness. And then he raped me and hit me to proclaim his prize.

They ditched my brother’s body beside the parking lot in the bushes. Even if he had life in him it would have been too late for him to be saved. My dad set the bushes on fire.

(Skärholmen, 2001)

Ali or Thomas, is a miracle child that has truly survived a lot. I don’t want to believe it’s the end there for him. If he is still out there somewhere I hope he is fully alive and doing well. ❤

I love this guy!

Thank you for reading through!

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