Biological sister

Thank God

Thank God I have a lot of biological sisters but not all of them are my sisters. Thank God. Who can be proud over a cannibal sister? A hard task I’m not up to. The only thing we have in common is my name.



Terrorist Biological mother


I really thought my mother was Hayet. Not my bad. Just before we start, let me tell you that I know there are a lot of people who are pissed off. Good, that’s the fucking point and I won’t stop there. And some of you are after me already. Especially those young guys that have picked up the family business here in Malmö. I know you, I see you. I might be a friend of your sister but there is a reason your name is with police. 😉

Guys that can’t even wipe their own ass, acting all grown up and as marriage material. Nah, I haven’t been swept by my feet for grander illusions. So sit your ass down and take a lesson in the difference between being kind and flirting. Nah, I’m not a player, I don’t play around. Oh, you are acting… keep acting. I guess we just see the world the way you are… rapist! Hayet raised me to respect everyone the same, from the school janitor to the CEO. You are neither.

There is no Salem between us Osama and Ahmed… none. How can you say that when you have two religions. If you thought I was a dumb Muslim, by now, you should get a grip. I’m not even Muslim by your definition. I am not submissive to being drugged and raped. I am not submissive to people taking away mine and other humans rights. I am not submissive to eating meat I don’t know where it came from… You are a bunch of killers.

People who make jokes to killers, like “where do you hid the body?”. These folk’s don’t, they eat it.


Btw, Salem… my dad’s good old friend. My mother’s fuck buddy. Hey there, I’m kinda expecting you the most. Still hanging around out there? Too bad they don’t have execution by hanging in Sweden. I won’t stop till I see what happened to my brother happen to all Y’all.



You know, that pisses me off. How come we don’t have death penalties in Sweden anymore. Oh, right… human rights. Human right’s keep criminals like you safe. It really pisses me off, since my biological mother have been handing out death penalties to children and people she doesn’t even know. Spreading fear in the hearts of innocent people. Their crime; people with integrity. Don’t think for one second that I feel any remorse for you. Just like Ali never did! It’s not “poor” you. “You did what you needed to do by any means.”  or “You have political and religious views that need to be respected.” None of that! Respect yourself, that’s how you get respect by me. Don’t hurt people.


Stories by my biological mother’s daughter

So here is a story about my biological terrorist mother’s daughter. She knows I am her sister and have been amused by the fact that I didn’t know who my real mother was. here are some “funny” things she has told me.

When I was a kid my biological mother missed me and invited me to a sleepover at their house. I’m not gonna talk about all the drugs and rape that happened there now.

I’m just going to briefly tell you little sayings by her daughter.

“My mom has killed a child. When mommy was young she wasn’t really a Muslim. She met other guys and she drank and had a gangsta life. Anyway, she got pregnant by a Swedish guy and had a son by him.

This kid’s name was Ali. He was not right in his mind so she had to execute him. She tried to hang him twice. But the rope broke, hehe. Finally, she put him on a train in Skärholmen. She had too, he was really crazy.”

The first thing is first. You knew about Ali! Yes, he is my brother. He was not crazy, your mom was (excuse me: is – she is crazy) and she drove him there. Why are you repeating what your mom is saying? She hanged him twice! Twice! GOD TOLD HER NO! TWICE!

Really? Would she tell you the story from Ali’s perspective? Are you still going to be loyal when the both of you get jail raped? Oh, you are used to being raped -willfully. Unlike you, Ali refused to be brainwashed. So did I and Fatima.

Do you wanna know the real reason why Ali and Fatima are dead? Because my dad and your mom treated them like dogs and Fatima and Ali was loyal like dogs. When they said no to soul death they got killed. I was a stray cat, I used to bite and be aggressive and grumpy. None of them impressed me in any way but I had to survive.

I don’t find it funny when people die! Your mom is not a gangsta. She is a terrorist. Learn the difference. 

Ali was in the streets, coming out swinging with knives. I know that. Your mom spreading rumors about him on the street, telling everyone he was doing crack. She gave that to him. Did you know that? He just didn’t give a fuck. He was sick of bitches. He was mad at life. Your mom didn’t even know where he was many times. The way he ran away from her. He took care of himself. When she caught him she killed him.

Your mom is full of excuses to why she killed him. None of them will help her out here in the human world. Even animals don’t do the shit she did.

Once I attacked my dad with a huge stick, guess what he told me. Torbit omek! I was confused – my mom doesn’t do that. But my biological mom does.

Ali just did what your mom had taught him in the bedroom, now in the streets. With a twist of his own. He told people to pull his hair, spit on him, touch him. He knew a dirty word: “Hello!”. That’s how rapists talk you know. That’s why he wouldn’t just say it to anyone. Did you know that?



Guess who told him to do all these stuff anyway. My dad! Yeah, he told the kid you had to do these stuff to blow up and have a successful business. Your mom was not even in our house most of the time… please, why is she lying about it?

There were a lot of bullies on the block. Everyone just found him to be a good victim. From your mom to my dad and grandpa. To you, who don’t even know him! Your mom said to him: “If you have a brain you will be dangerous.”. She is one of those moms who wants a dumb sex slave. She tried to make him an underachiever som much he almost believed her. He told her he will grow up and be famous and be a pain in the butt.

If he was dumb he wouldn’t have been able to take care of me.

Btw! The reason you are in Sweden is that of Ali! Your mom’s hoe ass would have been sent back to Tunisia if it weren’t for him.


(Your mom accused him of adultery with me. Guess what, we were married. He didn’t want to be her sex slave! )


She had a bunch of kids. Choose which to kill and which to keep. Ayo, your mom put me in an oven and Ali rescued me. She killed my brother and my twin sister. And here you are, and you are telling me your mom is a different person now. No. You wouldn’t find it amusing that I’m being raped unconsciously. Aren’t you proof enough that she sucks?Logic much?

Story 2

I asked her: what is the place we used to train Jujutsu in called. “Hehehe, why are you so lost in your head. We weren’t playing Jujutsu, we were playing karate. You don’t even know what you are doing.”

How come you know that? It was jujutsu, I read it every day. Your mom taught you well the art of invalidation.


Why did you come to my student fest? I shouldn’t have gone to yours. Why are you talking to me about your miscarriage? (Good, you don’t need any… you will just let your husband rape them.) Why are you taking me cruising around as a show in the mosque, Muslim family days in Sweden, Skärholmen Centrum, as if “I take care of my invalid sister”. Who the fuck are you kidding? I never felt like you were my sister, honey.

Why do you take me to all these places? When all you do after that is fuck me over. How come it all ends with rape? What business has your dad in my vagina? What business has your mom in mine and kids vaginas and penises. Why are you, sick people?

Meat is a bit expensive. I understand that. I don’t understand why you are eating humans thou. Is it cheapness, revenge of some sort, hate crime, sex slave need to be hidden… I don’t understand that. Do you know what cows eat? they eat grass… you should try that. Because that is what your mom gave Ali. She broke his arm and collarbone. She starved him for weeks. She starved me for weeks, I ate crayons. I hope you feel like you are very special to your mom now.

She didn’t eat you. That’s odd. You don’t taste good?

Remember the story you told me about your mom, that she can’t work with children? Because “she get’s the urge to eat them”. I couldn’t take you seriously. But yeah, your mom does. I have seen her torture kids and eating them. I guess that is why I got my trauma and erased her from my memory. Who want’s that? Not me, not Ali, not Fatima. We three just tried to survive a world were too many kids died.

We were in the same kindergarten. He was totally fine. He didn’t say much. He took care of me when he could. I had the best bro ever. And the sickest/most disgusting mother ever. He kept things straight. His room, morals, business. They told him he was gay when he was good. Well, you people are big hypocrites. That’s crazy of you ask me! Why don’t you talk to those who worked in kindergarten and saw Ali? Why are you satisfied with a human being’s right being taken away? Are you aware that you are brainwashed? Are you aware that this is

Why don’t you talk to those who worked in kindergarten and saw Ali? Why are you satisfied with a human being’s right being taken away? Are you aware that you are brainwashed? Are you aware that this is criminal? Doesn’t fucking matter that is was your mom. Talking shit! It will all backfire on you.

He didn’t like Fatima being in the club. You kids probably lived in a safe world. your dad wasn’t as sick as ours. Ali looked up to my dad. Whatever crazy Ali did is because my dad taught him.

Poor you – you have a stupid sister

How is your face of any blessing to me? How come money is more important to you than human rights? How come you talk to me as if I am your sister when it suits you of course? Why are you using me when I don’t know, and why are you hiding the things that I need to know from me? I never understood why you people are jealous and why Hayet is protecting you. Oh, you believe that I deserve shit. So you became shit. OK then, stay shit.

All of you have been acting like the police. Time to say hello to the real ones. Tell them that story you told me, please. Tell them how much your mom was in pain but she did what she had to do. Please tell them the stories about those other kids as well. Don’t forget them.

She did it right in front of my face. She had no remorse. She did it to brag to my grandpa. That’s it!

And obviously, that kind of bragging works on you.


Silly me


The stories about your mom… I don’t know so many irrelevant stories about anyone else as I do about your mom. I don’t like sticking my nose into other people’s business much. I don’t understand why you kept yours in mine. Your mom declared me dead when she gave you my name. That’s it, you should have stayed out, all of you.

I guess I am silly because I never realized you were trying to figure out if I remember things from my childhood. Hehe, funny poking at a dead thing right here. That’s what your mom taught you. Thank God she was out of my life. That’s a good enough reason to not want her. But you can’t thank me for being silly and giving you a great mom. Thank my dad for drugging me and not caring for me. Gosh, it’s hard to not have parents. But it’s even harder when they are out doing you. Because they believe in rape and dishonesty.


Don’t talk about a story you can’t even handle bitch! What? Is the truth too raw for you?

Thank you for reading through!



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