I will start by saying: these posts about my childhood trauma I’m  telling you guys; are a heavy topic. Sensitive people and minors are advice to not read this. The content contains rape, violence, mental abuse, physical abuse, and death. Sociopaths, psychopaths and a lot of narcissism.

I write it here to sort out my flashbacks and memories.

But also, to leave something for investigation, in case something bad happens to me. I have survived a lot and it would be a shame to get this far and not be able to tell my story, just in time.

This is in Sweden.



Well, what do you expect by now? The truth and nothing less I hope.

My name is Amina – the honest, trustworthy one and I would love to believe L Amina is exactly the opposite. La- means no in Arabic. That’s why this man had to call his daughter after me. To balance his hypocrisy up a bit. His name is obviously Lamine.


When I was I kid I could not tell the difference between Lamine and my dad. They look very similar and behave almost the same way. They used to be best friends. Both are cowards. Both are gay. Both like to rape children. Both like to build tunnels in houses. Both like to use a chainsaw. Both like to kill helpless children. Both think their rape “hustle” is the cure to their mental illness. Both cry for sex. Sorry, Rape… I mean rape. They cry like babies for rape. The entitlement is big. Both like to eat jello. Give them jello… And watch their dicks enhadh (rise in Arabic). Social experiment everyone needs to try on them.

So let me tell you the story of another baby brother I had. I say baby brother because he too is frozen in time. His candle got blown out too early in life even though he was older than me.


He would have been the youngest in this picture if we had had a “real” family.

You know.. grown ups that have a gambling problem. No.. You don’t know this kind of gambling problem. Or maybe you do.. Since you read stuff like this maybe you’ve had a shitty childhood like me.

This sect sits on their stupid asses all day long; discussing politics, discussing how to take over Sweden, discussing how their religion is the only right one, discussing money: how they are still broke bums and why God is not just raining money over their genius ideas, discussing racism; how they are the right race and why they are the only ones that need to exist.

So these teenagers that never grew up, my dad and Lamine. They were playing a game. The loser had to strip down. Both had to give their family away. The winner got to be abusive of the loser’s wife. Dream life!

It first started like this. First, they played with money. Then they ran out of money. So these teenagers played a strip game that ended with a rape party with us children. Then they got tired of that. So their women had to strip and have sex with the winner… They got tired of that. So the loser had to hand his whole family over and the winner would act like a boss of this new relationship. Husband switch basically. These teenagers never really lost a game. It was always win-win for the “men”. Yea, stupid… they are not aware that they are not men. Oh, well.

Lamine took out all his rage that he actually had with his own family and wife on us. My mom got a taste of what this teenager is as a husband to his own wife. He took his role play too seriously. Poor thing has no clue how to be a husband. Only how to be a criminal, killer, and kidnapper. The core of the game was about humiliating the other family as much as possible. Take control and roleplay like crazy. Well, Lamine was a clear winner of this switch game, don’t you think.

My brothers

I had two older brothers. Do you know why everyone hated them? Racism! But also for the fact that these toddlers didn’t fit in, in their black dimensioned world. They could expose them. They were a threat. Everyone will eventually know this sect’s ugly truth – simple as that. Police, kindergarten, school, neighbors… So they turned to racism as a solution. This sect is superior to white people. 

They said mean stuff to them. Like they are albinos and are not healthy. They told these kids they would not live for long anyway. They alienated them, excluded them from privileges “black” people had. My brothers felt very down, tense and gloomy.  

I just saw a picture of Kurt Cobain on Pinterest today. And it hit me how similar he looks to Ali. There is this one song that I never understood but really like by Nirvana.


Smells like teen spirit.  


So I listened to it today and the feeling I got was – that’s how my brother felt! I didn’t understand him much when we were kids but I feel like I do understand where he comes from now. I understand every word and it brings back, even more, memories about Ali’s friends. They were older than Ali, and they were all stuck in this rape situation. These gentle boys protected me. They had Swedish mothers. I hope they are still alive even thou I remember the younger one of them saying. “My mom told me to come and say bye to Ali because he will never see me again.” But Ali was already gone by then.



Baby Kurt looked like baby Ali.

“Smells like teen spirit”

Lamine was a regular customer of my brothers. Yep, he used to rape them. He wanted to keep one of these beautiful, blond prizes. Ali, the eldest, could speak for himself. He was a fighter. My other brother, a ginger, not so much. (He had no libido, so he was of no use. He was stolen from an orphanage so they could not return this stupid product back.  You know what! If you adopt me any siblings, they will be my siblings for real, so that is my brother. Not your stupid product. Even if you just stole him. This baby bro was already depressed as most orphans can be. They made him feel even worse.)

And what a relief for my mother, she is not at a risk of getting raped by Lamine so she happily gives away her baby son to Lamine. Because.. you know. He is made for that. No money involved. This is gambling and.. just some pure friendship. Oh, except for the money my mom had, he wanted those. And oh wait, the sex thing between my mom and Lamine it’s not called rape.. because my mom likes it and doesn’t mind it. So it’s genuine sex…

(This bitch doesn’t know the difference between rape and sex and love. I was about to say love, but then I remembered that it was only mechanical. But she didn’t even like that. She did whatever for Al Nahda though. I hope they do the same for her when she is in prison.  Crazy mother or not? Giving away her ass like a donkey and giving her children away like a .. help me out here, please. Because animals don’t do this. )

Lamine’s wife felt so lucky. He never lost her. Instead, with dignity, she left with my dad. By now everyone knows my dad is too smart to show her who he really is. He “loved” my twin sister Fatima instead. Rape bitches! Rape!

Lamine actually didn’t lose as much as my loser father. Everyone from this beautiful nahda sect was high on weed, alcohol and other drugs. Everyone was crazy. Anyway, taking over Sweden, they would attempt.

So this shit for a teenager, Lamine, when he tries to have sex he becomes totally violent. He starts yelling and hitting and acting all macho. Now is the time to show of his manhood he thinks in his brilliant mind. The one he never is in touch with on a regular basis. Because his wife hits him with a frying pan when he tries to have sex with her. Poor thing – That’s what you would think even if you never knew him and saw him in front of you for the first time. A severe case of victim mentality.


(Show Lilo this picture. If she sees anyone behaving like this tell her to stay away!)

Back to my brothers. The younger one was a bit sick, as you would understandably be if someone fucked up your immune system by forcing the poop back up your rectum. He was feeling down and had no clue where he was. Ali had a strong personality and libido. He was raised upon this bullshit. Nothing new. He was alive and vibrant, but then they isolated him. Ali was a challenge to this coward. All Ali could do sometimes was to puke over people that disgusted him. Lamine decided to take on a weaker link thou.

He took on my brother that was the orphan kid and put him under a minibus wheel and drove over him. Every one of their friends brought their children and went out to see the show. My “mother’s” son got killed just like that. Rest in peace ginger baby.


Lamine’s own son

Lamine has a sa9at son… Handicapped in his brain… One little ugly motherfucker. Get it, something falling, the opposite of nahda; something rising. Mic drop! Obviously, God is not done with you cuz’ he sent me now on your broke dumb ass.

I do respect retards usually. But I do not respect that retard and his retarded family. Picking up his daddy’s retarded business. Fella get off before you get more brain injury!

His mom called my mom when he ran away from their house. How is my mom going to give this retards mom advice about how to keep him sucking her pussy when my mom killed her own sons for that very same reason? Oh, you guys thought no one really understood what you were talking about? OK. Anyway, maybe she wanted to kill her own son as well. If you ask me, yeah… probably just seeking casual confirmation from my mom so she can go ahead and kill her own son as well. 

Cuz you can cover up all you want but I remember you guys treating your own son like a handicap… No mercy. Fi t’horo. Yup, your husband raped me there as well and guess who else was there. Your son! You used to rape him, but also make him kill people. But he made you learn to appreciate him. So yes, that little retard learned despite him being disabled to take on this rape sect culture. I guess that gave you some hope for a brighter future of your son. 

Lamine’s wife has the guts to tell my mother that her kids are cute when they are small. But as they grow up they get uglier. My mom comes then, to me, seeking comfort. My mom wanted to talk shit and complain about this woman with me.

Well, how is that my problem?

You couldn’t stand up against your best friend. Lamine’s wife is just proof that you suck as a mother, to me. 😉


More about my sweet beautiful brother Ali soon!


Beautiful from God and your rapist husband couldn’t handle Ali’s beauty.

Fuck with my family I’ll fuck up your life!

Thank you for reading through!


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