Natasha/Melissa 2002


I will start by saying: these blogs about my childhood trauma I’m  telling you guys; is a heavy topic. Sensitive people and minors are advice to not read this. The content contains rape, violence, mental abuse, physical abuse and death. Pedophiles, molesters and a lot of narcissism.

I write here to sort out my flashbacks and memories. But also, to leave something for investigation, in case something bad happens to me. I have survived a lot and it would be a shame to get this far and not be able to tell my story, just in time.

This is in Sweden.




Ok, so there is this one girl that have been disgusting me my whole life. And here is just one reason why. Let’s call here Tess, after her own taste.

We went to the same private school for 3 years. When I started 7th grade I changed to another private school. At fall, shortly after school had started, we somehow started talking over the cellphone. All she could think about was this new girl in school, Natasha. I tried to change the subject and focus on other things but the Tess was obsessed. Her parents had some 2 cents as well and didn’t like Natasha as well.

Tess said stuff like this girl couldn’t be trusted. She was flirting with everyone at her school, even teachers. There were only around 10 boys to flirt with, to be clear.

How stupid was I not, for not seeing the first red flag right there. It didn’t bother me much until Tess mentioned that Natasha was flirting with Amin at ANFS. That’s when I went all crazy and jealous. But real men can’t be stolen right. A lesson my mother never taught me back then. That’s when I turned savage over the phone. I tried to beat some common sense into Amin and scolded Natasha several time. At the same time, I was scared as hell.

But after speaking for a while to her she turned out to be a really nice girl. Not because she wasn’t into Amin. This girl had depth. So I wanted to apologize in person over my retarded obsession with her. I understood that Tess had mentioned me to her and scared the girl a bit. When she saw me her look was like ‘oh, you are not dangerous’. Though I wished to be.

She had an attitude but most importantly: standards. After a while, she had to change school. Gave us all the finger and went about her life. I was honestly very embarrassed and ashamed at how I had stooped to that level, of not minding my own business. I went there and was like a lost puppy with my tail between my legs; even though it probably did not show.

So I talked to Melissa through MSN and apologized, again. I asked to see her in person. I talked to Tess and told her we had to apologize. I should have gone with my gut feeling; that Tess was an arrogant narcissist and she had no intention of apologizing. She has always been the victim, in her own little world. Natasha had told me beforehand that she was pregnant.

So, she was anticipating us. And when we met outside her house in Fruängen, there she told us the whole story. Her real name was Melissa. She had become pregnant, no one knows how. She hadn’t been sexually active for a while. Note that she was around 13-14 years. Melissa intended to keep the baby to figure out who made her pregnant. She had moved into her grandparent’s house to stay safe because someone kept breaking into her parent’s house. We had a good talk and I really liked her.

On our way to Natasha’s house, I felt a strange feeling that we were being followed. I saw the same van with parabola making turns at different blocks. And I felt that Tess had other goals and motives with us meeting Melissa. She would rather want me to shut up. Natasha was nothing to her. I felt dizzy the whole time from the moment I had met Tess, when I took a gum she gave me.

When we left Melissa’s house I suddenly turned around because my gut feeling told me to. And right in front of Melissa’s porch was Rolf. A teacher from ANFS. He seemed to have a gun in his belt. Rolf was looking at me as well and got a bit shaken when my eyes met his. But there was someone else already in the house. So I didn’t think much of it and went on.

I remember, shortly after turning around I fell fainting.

Now I understand Tess’s motive. What had happened. Natasha had taken away all the attention from Tess at school. Yes, Melissa had sex with guys. And so did Tess. And both were making money from it. This was Tess’s revenge. Melissa lost her baby and her life.

Me and Melissa were raped in her house by sLIM. There was marijuana smoke all over the house when we woke up. He was doing some bizarre stuff to her that I don’t even remember right now. As if he tried to pull her baby out with a vacuum or something.

I have been through this so many times and for my whole life thought they were only bad dreams. Now I understand that Rolf is part of this sect… raping kids. Oh, have I not had a lot of dreams with this bastard teacher.

If I remember right, sLIM shoot Melissas’s older brother, and grandparents. As well. We were in the kitchen and suddenly sLIM turned all of the lights off and told us to lay on the floor. Someone had come to check on Melissa and when they didn’t leave sLim forced them in instead.

I’m writing this so that if anyone knows Melissa. I pray you could spread the word. This happened 2002 at autumn.

My childhood traumas are flashing back now. I was not aware of this because they felt like dreams. I’m sorry that I caused you, Melissa, so much pain. I have grown up with sLIM and he has been stalking me on many occasions. I know what he is capable of. I just never thought that another girl could be so unloyal to other women. I now understand that Tess never became better than her parents, but followed in their footsteps.

Tess is one of the T.S.S. girls, MKD’s daughter. This man has a lot of opinions and is straight up illiterate about Islam. It’s not ok for other girls to hoe around but his daughter can. Hardcore hypocrisy. Yep, you people have always disgusted me cuz you are rotten to the core and empty inside.

Me and you (Tess) stopped talking over the phone after that. You really are a waste of time you racist shit! 

sLIM called my parents to come pick me up and they didn’t want to. When they got there, my mom hit me with pots and other kitchen supplies.

Thank you for reading through!

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