Calling me


 I will start by saying: these blogs about my childhood trauma I’m  telling you guys; is a heavy topic. Sensitive people and minors are advice to not read this. The content contains rape, violence, mental abuse, physical abuse and death. Pedophiles, molesters and a lot of narcissism.

I write here to sort out my flashbacks and memories. But also, to leave something for investigation, in case something bad happens to me. I have survived a lot and it would be a shame to get this far and not be able to tell my story, just in time.

This is in Sweden.


Calling me

So last night after midnight someone called me with a blocked id. Hmm, who could it be… Salem? Slim? Or zbela 3ala rasek! Ok, I need to grow up but I won’t cuz this person is almost 30 years older than me and has not grown up yet.

Your tricks are kind of old… You used to call me when I was working at Roo Hemtjänst after midnight as well. Installing cameras and microphones. No wonder nobody takes me seriously. Wala fil aflam (not even in movies) do you see such things. Or so one could think. I guess movies have inspired you.

I need to yell at this man in Arabic – one sec. Makesh motadeb, kifech bech tadeb nes okhra ya khra?!

It doesn’t help you acting like North Korea. Regulating the area, withholding money with my dad. If you could send a satellite you would. How come you haven’t? Instead, you are putting women down cuz there is no power like the dick. If that was true, you wouldn’t have been a coward my whole life. If you want pussy, you should just have stepped up and asked me up front and been prepared for the answer. Which is NO!

You are not in it for love. So stop all your lame pretending. You are in it for control and power. You have no control here and no power from this day on.

You are the one that inspired me to write this shit. You know kids don’t follow advice, they follow an example. You have done something right. Blogging my life when I was a kid. Tha’s inspiring. 

But now I have important things to do. Rather than talking to you over here, on my blog. My sisters’ are reading this and their lives are way more important that talking to a lost puppy.

All I wanted to say on the phone to you are these things:

  1. The water is not just water.. not drinkable.
  2. Track your water intake. Write down when you are dehydrated. Any symptoms of alcohol, just keep watch for that. You are not used to waking up drunk and tired because we are non-drinkers, so it’s not obvious. It was obvious in my case because I was driving. We don’t smoke either, so any marijuana smell from the bathroom or anywhere else. Keep watch!
  3. Toothpaste, shampoos/conditioners, lotions/creams – keep them locked somewhere so only you can use them. They infuse products as well.
  4. If there is ever a rotten smell in the kitchen or anywhere else, (sauna/walk in closet) always check all houseplants. Dig up together, take pictures and call/report the police.
  5. Don’t eat meat. Go vegetarian. (Further, for your health go Vegan/Paleo.)
  6. Sauna – keep it full or totally empty. You don’t want any dead bodies around there. Same with the walk in closet. (Jepp, I’m here to break your summer plans dad.)
  7. Anything you don’t want/need – sell it on Shpock!! That’s an app, it’s handy… When you realize they have been selling you, your whole life, sell her clothes. Don’t forget the walk in closet. 
  8. Know where you have each other at all times. If someone is late, check up on him/her.
  9. Keep a calendar, so you don’t miss a day of your own life.
  10. Lock your own bedroom door with a key. Nobody should have the key to your happiness except you.
  11. If you have weird dreams, they are not dreams. Check for clocks in the room, clocks don’t exist in dreams.
  12. Have a camera in your room and film everything. Set your cell phone’s microphones on at night. Don’t let them run out of battery. And if they are closed.. then you know by now to follow your instincts, I hope.
  13. Anything that looks weird… Small black stuff. Collect it, save it, it could be microphones or cameras. Keep them in a safe place. Even if they are not black and look like little toys. 
  14. This is your life, don’t let anybody make you feel like you don’t need to protect it or question stress about silly small stuff. Sometimes the small stuff are the big things.
  15. In Tunisia, trust no one. Don’t eat wherever. Restaurants/ neighbors /family members.
  16. Take care of your little siblings. Don’t let them stay out for too long with your parents. Go with them. (Why are they trying to bring the jinn out of you when they are the fucking problem?? Ha!? Cuz that man is a rapist as well. Understand that this is a sect. The Nahdha sect. The only thing that raises is their dicks. If anyone of them has been in prison – that’s not fucking impressive! There is a good reason and Tunisia is not a stupid country.)
  17. 197 is the police number in Tunisia. If anything happens to you call the Swedish ambassador as well.
  18. You are not 17 – your lives are your responsibility. Love you!


We won’t talk anymore cuz I don’t want to cuz you any more stress. You may hate me for “ruining” your lives. But your lives can be so much greater. Your parents are not children and their pension is not your burden or your business. – Anyone who wants a great life, get up and make one. Don’t wait for your children to save you. Especially not when you have been living of off them their whole lives.

If your lives are perfect, there is no problem with it being even more perfect. So please become more aware. But what I hear when we speak is that you are comfortable. And that’s kinda how you’re supposed to feel at home. But that is not a home. It’s a business and you are the products.

But what I hear when we speak is that you are comfortable. And that’s kinda how you’re supposed to feel at home. That house is not a home. It’s a business place after 3 am, and you are the products.

The problem is that even if you try to get a life outside of that house your parents will send you this Salem bitch stalking you.

(sLim – Makes us all a favor and get your dick checked. Your diseases, don’t spread them. That’s the fastest way to not have a business. Btw, no one wants to have you as a father. I heard your daughter talking about eating her sister. Yeah, nobody wants to be that stupid.)

My sisters will always be my little sisters. And I will protect them even if I look crazy and selfish.

Thank you for reading through!

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