J.Cole is ‘L’it!

Ok, people who know me know that I’m a fan of J.Cole. You don’t, you about to know 😉


So the other day, someone posted a picture and a sob story about Lil Wayn (Lil whatever) on one of J.Coles fan page and it made me mad.

Suddenly, that person realized how they had missed the “golden years” of when rap was not as trashy as it is today. That forced me to INTERPOSE my 2 cents. Lil whatevers have been around for a long time and is still in some degree always active. But hey, old trash paved the way for new trash.

The curve starts somewhere, right. And we have some Lil whateves to thank for this phenomena.


I want people to know that hip hop is so much more than just music, rap music to many. There is a whole culture, and many celebrities try to grope the culture. So when someone is talking about who saved the hip-hop world today, what they really mean is, who saved the radio world. Who is the most mainstream.

Putting up such a topic on a J.Cole fan page is downright insulting. I have listened to Lil whatev’s before, no denying … You have the right to explore your own dumb sides. And what is not a better wat then having a companion who is totally unrestrained when it comes to dumbness.

But when I listen to J.Cole it is completely a different story. Anchored in real reality. “Ten toes to the ground”. I’m a little slow at learning his lyrics, although I have been listening to him alot on Spotify. I wake and fall asleep to J.Cole sometimes. The man has deep ambitions for this generation, with a vision that supports all who are inspired to think for themselves. He can rap, sing and make dope beats. The epidemics of beats nowadays… people don’t even listen to what is being said. With J.Cole, there is no phoniness. He makes you work your brain. And even though he makes dope beats, he doesn’t draw on it, and he does NOT abuse it just to get us listening.

I think everyone should listen to his latest album at least once and ask. Is this a separate genre in the hip hop world? If so or if not, how does this effect the hip hop world. Make up your own mind, for your self. Too big of an issue for you? Sit your ass down and indulge with a Lil whatever, they are as superfluous today as it gets. It’s not possible to miss out on them today. But keep the two schools separate thank you!

“She f*ck with small town niggas, I got bigger dreams.”




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