5 Things that make me happy

5 Things that make me happy

Ok, so obviously yeah. There is way too many things that make me happy, or anyone, then 5 things. So here are some just from the top of my head.

So let’s get straight into it, shall we?


I seriously, utterly love food. Not the way you would predict. I don’t even eat food with finesse. People, that watch me eat are probably thinking “what the fuck?” Many people I know would call it consult eating. Do you know what I say to that: NO! Just look at me. I look fine and if you ask me I would say I’m worried I’m too thin. I just have a fast metabolism I guess. People ask me if I’m on a diet. No, I love food.

Having my shit together

In every way imaginable. Yes, even the one you are thinking of right now. That’s also where the trap is kinda, I’m talking about the perfectionist trap. Not trap music. OK, now I’m losing my shit. On to the next one.


Trying to wake up early and getting to the gym. I feel you. I dread the whole process from deciding to drag my ass to the gym to actually start warming up. It’s only when I get my body moving when it all settles and all is fine again. Hacking into those happy chemicals are a bit tricky. But I feel happy once I’m there, and even happier when results finally start to show up. I just need to become dedicated.

Stock images

Do you ever wonder, who is this magical person behind this great picture. What kind of creative-satanism is going on there? Just WOW. You make me wanna eat the picture. The design is just delicious. Well, stock images have that kind of spell over me. Not all of them, of course. It’s all about taste, right? Pictures with excellence and a thought behind them make me happy.


Ok, so this one is very broad. Everything we read or hear could be some sort of story telling. Even the most boring stories. Right? Well, nope. Story telling is an art of itself, besides writing it down. It makes the simplest story so much more interesting. It’s like calligraphy to me. A story doesn’t have to be beautiful but it can be beautifully told, from real life and a touch of passion. It’s so heartfelt, love it. Makes me cry happy tears sometimes.



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